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I Gained the Power To Eliminate Fake Things Out of My Life

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Israt Jahan Lima

Undergraduate student, English Department, Barishal Government Women’s College, and Quantum Graduate of 426th Batch
As soon as I learned about Quantum Method, I realized that I needed this course. I took the decision right away that I must attend this course. Since I was a student, it was difficult for me to arrange the course fee. Thank God, I was finally able to manage the entire fee on my own. 

Gurujee called the smartphone to be the devil’s box. I had to sell off my devil’s box to arrange the course fee. I did feel a bit bad at first but later I calculated out that the money I had spent is nothing compared to the benefits I received from here.

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I cannot explain in words my feelings about the course. Each discussion and meditation conducted here is very related to my life. I realized here that my problem was that I was stuck in the same loop of errors.

Coming here I realized the meaning of my life. I learned how to dictate my own life, and how to move forward in life.

The first thing I learned here is the importance of positivity. I used to be a very negative person. Negativity and despair took hold of me and I used to feel as if I was falling behind and I could not do anything with life. But here I have understood my potential, my power. I can now claim it from my heart –  I am a believer. I am brave. I can and I will. I will build my own life.

Secondly, I realized the harms of virtual addiction. I could not stay away from my phone for even a minute. If I used my right hand to eat dinner, I would keep scrolling on Facebook using my left hand. I would stay up with Facebook till 3:30 in the morning. But I realized from Gurujee’s words that Facebook is actually a fake book. And fake things can never bring any good. It cannot bring any peace or happiness. It can only harm us. Hence I eliminated this fake thing from my life.

Also, I used to be a very restless person. I could not sit still or talk to someone patiently. In class, I used to get impatient within ten minutes because the class was still not ending. But here I did ten hours of class each day. And I feel so bad that time ran out so fast! I wished it would continue for two more days.

This is really a great course for us youngsters to learn how to move forward in life and build ourselves as unique individuals. I am looking forward to bringing my parents next time. I will also encourage my siblings, cousins, and friends to attend this course.

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